Saturday, September 09, 2006

Adjusting My Goals

The other day I was surfing the logs of other users on PEERtrainer. I find it helps me stick to my diet when I see other people sticking to theirs. I don't know why ... I guess my mind thinks, "If they can do, I can do it!" While surfing the logs, I came upon the log of a user named alester. Alester's profile says he's an all-around great guy and I have no reason to doubt that, but it was something else that caught my eye. In addition to listing weight-loss goals, alester maintains a list of fitness goals. Among them are goals to compete in stair-climbing competitions (you know, the ones that go up the sky-scrapers), running goals, and duathlon goals (he's already completed one of these). After I sat there reading alester's goals and accomplishments, I found myself thinking that there is no reason why I can't set similar goals for myself.

I've lost over 100 pounds so far and while I have set some fitness goals here and there for myself, the vast majority of my goals have centered on numbers (weighing less than something by a certain date). For the most part, the last two years of my life have been focused on losing weight. It's time that I start setting real fitness goals for myself and start focusing on enjoying life. Don't get me wrong, I still want to lose weight (almost 60 pounds), but I have always caught myself thinking, "When I reach my goal weight, then I'll have fun." I wanna have fun now and lose weight in the process!

In addition to alester's log, I have also been reading a book called Triathlon Training for Mere Mortals and I have decided that I would really like to start training for a sprint level duathlon (running & biking). Maybe I'll consider adding swimming at some point but I'm not yet ready to train shirtless in public. I know that's vain of me, but it's the truth. So for now, I am thinking a duathlon would be perfect. In all fairness, I had already decided I want to try riding in the TOSRV bike ride next year (2 days of century bike rides through southern Ohio), but for the first time I am really starting to think this goal is attainable. After all, alester completed a duathlon and he's only 40 lbs lighter than me. If I stick to my diet and exercise program, there is no reason I can't complete that ride next year!

In light of all this, I have adjusted my goals somewhat:

1. To ride in the TOSRV next year!

2. To complete a sprint duathlon either in 2007 or 2008 depending on how my training goes.

3. To compete in Captain Thurmond's Triathlon in 2008. It looks like the funnest thing I have seen in awhile.

In all honesty, I may be selling myself short by giving myself the option of waiting until 2008 for goals number 2 and 3. I have a long way to go though and I don't want to ruin the process by trying to do too much too soon. To meet the 3 goals listed above, I have to meet several little ones.

1. Continue treadmill training through the winter. Eventually working up to running a mile strait, then a 5k. I need to pursue this goal slowly to keep from injuring myself.

2. Next spring I plan on moving my running outdoors.

3. I need to keep losing weight and get it down to a weight that gives me a better chance of completing my performance goals without injury.

I now feel like I have a real purpose behind my weightloss. I am excited by the thought of participating in organized events. I am no longer dieting ... I am training!

Thanks alester!



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