Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's Hard to be Phat

I was thinking about something yesterday. I think drug addicts and alcoholics have it easy. Obviously I'm being a little sarcastic, but hang with me. If you are an alcoholic or drug addict, you just quit using your drug of choice, right? Granted, it's hard ... but you quit by going cold-turkey and totally seperating yourself from your addiction. Wanna quit drinking? Stay out of bars and avoid cocktail parties. It's that simple.

People who are addicted to food have it much worse. We can't just stop eating. It's like telling an alcoholic he must learn how to drink in moderation. No one would dream of telling an alcoholic this, right? But those of us with food addictions have no choice. We have to learn how to re-train ourselves. We must learn restraint and portion control. We must have to learn to master our addiction and cravings. I think it would be easier to quit drinking!

I am not trying to suggest that it is easy to quit drinking or to quit using drugs. In all honesty, I've never had a problem with either so I have no idea how tough it is. I've never walked in an alcoholic's shoes. But I do think it is ironic that in today's society, we like to call alcoholism a disease while people with weight problems are considered lazy, weak-willed sloths. It's still considered socially acceptable to make fun of a fat person ... and that's just sad.

Two side notes:

  1. I found a neat website this morning while I couldn't sleep. It's called PEERtrainer and it offers all kinds of free stuff. You can join weight-loss groups and teams. It looks pretty neat to me.
  2. My weigh-in is tomorrow. I don't expect a a huge loss this week. The rainy weather has worked to keep me off of my bike all week and I have struggled to find other ways to work out. I am hoping to hit a 2 pound loss though. No matter what happens, I'll write about it here.


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