Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Weigh-In

Today I weighed in at 280.4 pounds to give me a 3 pound loss for the week. That gives me a 30.2 pound loss since I started following the weigh-watcher's plan and 109.6 pounds off since I started this journey. I could easily be proud of what I have done, but that is tempered by all the work that I still need to do. I still have 55.4 pounds to go before I reach my stated goal of 225 pounds. That is made much easier to cope with since I have realligned my goals (see my last post).

Here is my week in review:

Weight-Loss 3 lbs for a total of 109.6 lost.
2 hours and 25 minutes cycling for 34.3 miles.
45 minutes running/walking for 2.8 miles.
55.4 pounds to go to my goal of 225.

The week went pretty well. I got in a bunch of exercise in my aerobic heart-rate zone which is supposed to be good. It's gonna be hard to get in as much time on the bike this week because my schedule is going to be real crazy ... but I'm ready to give it a shot!



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