Saturday, October 07, 2006

Body Phat Percentage

Okay ... my wife and I were discussing body fat today and I got curious about what mine is. My scale measures body fat, but I pay very little attention to it. I know when I rededicated myself to weight-loss back in July, it was on the bad side of 30 percent, but I do not recall its exact measurement. Well, today I decided to face the monster. My body fat percentage was 27.7% and I have 189.7 pounds of lean muscle mass. It's been worse in the past, so I won't complain too much. I think I recall a healthy reading for a man is around 15 percent, but that is just a guess. If I can get down to my stated goal weight of 225 and maintain my current lean muscle, my fat percentage would be ... um .... around 16 percent. Not too shabby. Of course, the key to all that is not losing any of my current muscle!

I think I need to increase my strength conditioning somewhat. I need to find a happy balance though. For awhile last year, I really got into weight-lifting. I was drinking the protein shakes and all that ... I was starting to get some impressive results, but then I had some setbacks. My shoulder seemed to pop out of place while doing a heavy benchpress and my wrist was constantly hurting from a high number of pushups. Both injuries were nagging and contributed to my sudden backslide last winter. They still hurt at times to this day and I have no desire to hurt myself. I need to design a light-weight program that is designed to just maintain what muscle I have and incorporate it into my weekly routines.

Man ... I need a few extra hours each week!



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